We offer various hair services such as shampoo, cut, colour, perm, styling/up-do, and amino treatments, to help our customers feel beautiful and excited about their hair. If you have questions regarding any of our hair services, please feel free to contact us.

*All prices listed do not include tax or gratuity.

CUT (Includes Consultation, Shampoo & Styling)
Adults - Master Stylist $100
Adults - Top Senior Stylist $90
Student 18 and under $90
Kids 12 and under G6 (Shampoo Not Included) $50
Bangs (Existing Customers Only) $50
Eyebrow Shaping $35

SHAMPOO (Dry not included)
Adults $25
Student $20
Kids (All lengths) $15

STYLING (Shampoo Not Included)
Adults $35+
Student $30
Kids 12 and under G6 $25
Flat Iron/Curler Styling $50+

HAIR UP-DO (Shampoo Not Included)
Adults $80
Student $80
Kids 12 and under G6 $60
Wedding Trial $80
Personal Tutorial (45mins) $100

COLOUR (Shampoo/Cut/Styling Not Included)
Roots touch up $120 (Under 1 inc.)
Single Colour $200+
Double Colour $400+
High/Low Lights $250+
Bleach $150+
Eyebrow Tint $30 (With hair colour service)

Short/ Medium (Shampoo/Cut/Styling Not Included) $65
Long $75
Thick Long $85
Very Long $95+

PERM (Shampoo/Cut/Styling Not Included)
Body Perm $150+
Wave Perm $200+
Bangs Perm $80
Digital Perm $300+
*Specialty Perm
(Specialty perms include: Spiral, twist, tight-rope, pin, etc.)
Treatment Straightening $300+
Japanese Straightening $600+
Japanese Straightening (Bangs Only) $250


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From your home to Atelier May is like passing from your kitchen to the living room. Atelier May brings the feeling of “home”, to the salon.



An experienced stylist will give you a personal haircut that will be tailored to your specific hair type/condition, and one that will enhance your facial/body features nicely.



A 1 min. walk from Wellesley station.(From March,2023) Located at 15 Wellesley St.Suite 216 (By Appointment Only) If you can’t find us, feel free to call us – 416-488-8776

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We are closed every Mondays. (Wedding services are available by appointment)
We accept appointments from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-7pm.(Closed 8pm)

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