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Do it yourself, chase your dreams!


In 2004, my family and I transported ourselves from Tokyo, and it was shortly after returning to Toronto that Canada Styles was created. The inspiration for the company came from my own experience living abroad away from my hometown of Toronto, Canada. The initial troubles that I encountered when I first lived in Japan were in retrospect, small inconveniences compared to my overall love of my experience in a foreign country. It was this introspection that became the inspiration of Canada Styles Ltd. To give others the opportunity that I had, but without the inconveniences that I experienced. When I made the decision to move my life to Japan, I had to admit that I did not have a clear objective in mind, just the will and desire to pack up my life here in Canada and start anew somewhere else. However, I will be the first to tell you that early in my stay in Japan I had almost returned to Toronto. From my experience comes the company philosophy: create an objective; create an opportunity; create an experience.

The creation of an objective is the first step for those wishing to pursue his or her dream to live abroad. Canada Styles’ objective is to refine his or her goal to live in a foreign country, answering questions such as where; when; how; and why. By creating an objective that outlines the goals and reasons for living abroad, and formulate a plan that will help the individual implement their dream.

The creation of an opportunity is at the heart of Canada Styles Ltd. Canada Styles is the means by which an individual can achieve the objectives he or she has set. Our company will make the preparations to take him or her from their point of departure, to preparing them for their new life at their desired destination. Accommodations, schooling, and activities, are all part of Canada Styles’ job to best facilitate those who wish to pursue their dreams.
The creation of an experience is the culmination of when the objective meets the opportunity. Every individual who comes to Canada Styles will have an experience that will stay with them for the rest of his or her life.

Canada Styles Ltd. eventual goal is to have at least 30 locations, whereby we can create greater objectives, greater opportunity, and greater experiences. The bridge that we wish to build is not only a one way street for just the Japanese to travel the world; it is also for those people around the world that wish to experience Japan. The future for Canada Styles is not limited to just a travelling opportunity, but rather a living and working experience for all those who want to be involved.

What we experience today and tomorrow will be the measuring stick by which we will measure our life. My hope is that Canada Styles will help guide others to a similar path that I once took. As the owner and creator of Canada Styles Ltd. my ambitions are what I believe to be modest and simple. I wish only that Canada Styles continues to succeed in facilitating a connection between Japan and Canada, and to one day increase this connection globally. I look forward to the day that I will meet all those people who have a similar dream that I had, and yearn to experience life in another part of the world.


Brett Yamashita
CEO of Canada Styles Ltd.